My name is Sadie and I’m in 8th Grade at John Griffin Middle School. I love to read and I have been on the Battle of the Books team four years. I made this website so it could help kids like me. I really started working on it after I went to BOB competition and there was a team that didn’t do so well. I hope that this website will really help you. 🙂

This website, as well as the Android App “NC Battle of the Books”, is created by Sadie Dibb (currently in 8th Grade at John Griffin Middle), and my Dad.

This site is meant to be an online resource for students across North Carolina to study and give input to the Battle of the Books competition.  This website and the app can be used as a study guide, by any student, and we are encouraging group participation by students across North Carolina.  The schools and teachers should encourage this kind of creativity.

So far we have almost 500 students who have downloaded the Android App, and many more have visited this website!