From the Authors:

Hi Sadie! Wow! You did an amazing job!! Thanks for all your hard work! So excited to be including on such a great list! Happy Reading!!

Doreen Cronin, Trouble with Chickens

Nice job, Sadie! Thanks for letting me know, and for helping to spread the word about my book to the kids in North Carolina. Cheers,

Dan Gutman, The Homework Machine

Wow, Sadie! That’s terrific. Nice job! I hope you enjoy Battle of the Books this year. I was so happy Savvy was selected in North Carolina this year. Happy reading!

Ingrid Law, Scumble

Dear Sadie – Thank you so much for letting me know about your website and app. I just checked out the site, and it is really impressive. You did some great work there! Unfortunately, I don’t have an android phone, so I can’t download the app, but I’m sure it’s pretty impressive too. Keep up the great work! You should be very proud of yourself. Sincerely,

Stuart Gibbs, Belly Up

Hi, Sadie. Great to hear from you! Wow – this is nothing short of incredible! Thanks so much for taking the time to show me this. Congratulations. I really appreciate all your work on behalf of UNGIFTED and the NC Battle of the Books. I hope you enjoy UNGIFTED, and best of luck in the battle! All the best,

Gordon Korman, Ungifted