IWB does a blonde, pretty girl gesture towards a barely touched plate.

IWB is a thin, gangly, studious boy fascinated by rules and regulations

IWB has a tall graceful girl already been promised a place as an apprentice

IWB is someone exactly the type of recruit someone is looking for in an apprentice.

IWB does someone take every chance they get to point out that someone’s slight build was unsuited for training

IWB is is rare for someone to win a verbal encounter with someone

IWB does someone need muscles particularly between the ears

IWB does someone feel a duty bound to honor an unknown sacrifice

IWB does someone observe that people seldom look up

IWB can someone not match someone’s speed in a tree

IWB is a study level with a character’s position in a tree

IWB does a tower consist of an administrative section and a character’s private apartment